Elevate Your Brand with Unique Logo Design

Hey there,

Welcome to a Design Experience Beyond the Ordinary.

Unveil the essence of your brand through a logo that goes beyond aesthetics. I’m dedicated to  design your LOGO,  that not only catches the eye but also tells your brand’s story.

Steps of designing your LOGO

What's inside?

  • A Vector  logo design
  • Logo in various sizes and backgrounds and file types.
  • Logo variations for different uses. ( round, a signature type, only the icon)
  • A YouTube-ready introduction video
  • One Social media banner
  • One Instagram advertising presentantion post
  • Logo usage guidelines

Important Guidelines for a Seamless Design Journey:

Final Result Ownership:

The ultimate responsibility for the final outcome rests with you. Please meticulously review both the design and accompanying details to ensure they align perfectly with your vision.

Watermarked Designs and Unused Concepts:

Designs shared prior to payment feature a watermark adorned with my signature, serving as a protective measure. It’s important to note that these designs, including any trial concepts that didn’t make the final cut, are not part of the delivered package and cannot be used.

Delivery Options:

Upon completing the full payment, you’ll either receive a USB flash drive containing the logo and comprehensive usage instructions or, for your convenience, an email containing all your content.

Intellectual Property Ownership:

With full payment, you proudly assume ownership of the intellectual property associated with the design. It’s a testament to your exclusive rights over the finalized logo.

Showcasing Work:

As part of our promotional efforts, I may showcase the collaborative work on our websites. However, if you prefer otherwise, please inform me, and I wll respect your decision.

Legal Protection Advisory:

For robust protection against design infringement, I recommend seeking advice from a legal professional. Consider exploring trademark registration before initiating any commercial activities associated with your new logo.

These guidelines aim to ensure transparency, security, and a smooth collaboration throughout the design process. Your satisfaction is our priority!

General Notes:

All precautions and decisions are standard, applying to the safeguarding of intellectual property and maintaining service quality. They are applicable to all clients.

Revision Limit:

You are entitled to four revisions. For any additional changes beyond this limit, an extra hourly charge will apply. This ensures that your design receives the attention it deserves while respecting the constraints of our agreed-upon terms.

Timeline Clarification:

The project timeline is outlined in our proposal. Any delays attributable to the client, such as late feedback or information, may impact the overall schedule. Timely collaboration is crucial for meeting project milestones.

Service Billing Period:

The charge for any of my services is applicable based on the time duration specified in the proposal. As our services involve fluctuations in materials and requirements, the billing is aligned with the timeframes mentioned in our initial agreement.

Offer Validity:

All my project proposals and associated offers are valid for a specific period, typically [ 30 days], from the date of issuance. After this period, I reserve the right to review and adjust the terms, including but not limited to pricing and project details. If you return after the validity period, you may be subject to the updated terms in effect at that time. I recommend confirming the current terms before reinitiating discussions or starting a new project.

Pricing Flexibility:

Please note that the prices outlined in any proposal are subject to change based on the scope and volume of work assigned by each individual client. Factors such as project complexity, additional requests, or substantial changes in requirements may affect the final pricing. I strive to provide transparent and fair pricing, and any adjustments will be communicated and agreed upon before implementation.