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Meet Ioanna Xelmi, the visionary behind Mirror, a luxurious hair salon specializing in wedding hair. Ioanna, a skilled hairdresser, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by opening her first salon.


Ioanna sought a complete brand overhaul for Mirror, including a distinctive logo, refined color palette, business cards.


For the logo, i created an embodiment of luxury—a regal girl with lush hair, adorned with a crown and floral accents.

Ioanna's love for gold inspired variations of the logo in this opulent hue. To balance the lavishness, business cards were kept elegantly simple to maintain a sophisticated brand image.


The logo, colors, and business cards seamlessly came together to form a brand that exudes sophistication


The brand made a significant impact, drawing attention to Mirror and Ioanna's expertise in wedding hair. Clients were captivated by the elegant aesthetic, establishing Mirror as a go-to destination for those seeking a touch of luxury in their hairstyling experience.

Client Relationship.

Ioanna and I continue our collaboration as we venture into the digital realm. Currently working on her e-shop, our journey is a testament to the evolving elegance of Mirror.