Design and Printing of Professional Business Cards

Hey there,

Let’s start simple….

What is a professional card, and why do you need it?

A professional card is the printed summary of your business on paper. It’s more than just paper, it’s perhaps the most powerful marketing tool for any business and one of the most crucial means of interaction with your clients.


Reasons why every professional needs it:


A. Introduction of Your Brand to the Public: The first image, most often, is your business’s professional card.

B. Conveying Your Message: Your professional card succinctly captures what your brand represents.

C. Easy and Quick Memorability: An unforgettable, attractive professional card ensures that your clients remember your brand when needed.

D. Encouraging Action: Like a website or a social media post, a professional card encourages your clients to take action.

Steps of How I Work...

Important Guidelines


  • You are responsible for the final result, so it’s essential to carefully check both the design and details on the card before printing, as changes cannot be made after printing.
  • The designs sent before payment carry a watermark of my signature to prevent theft and are not part of the final product.
  • Full prepayment is required as the cards are printed by another professional, and the product is personalized.
  • With full payment, you own the intellectual property rights of the card and can use it at your discretion.
  • All my works are displayed on my websites for promotional purposes. If you prefer not to showcase your work, please inform me for removal.
  • I exclusively handle professional projects, and the suggested package includes 1000 double-sided, plastic-coated cards with a 7-day printing period.

Important Billing Information:

  • Service charges are based on the time specified in the offer, subject to material and energy fluctuations.
  • Prices may vary based on the volume of work assigned by the client.
  • Up to three changes are included. Additional modifications will be charged at an hourly rate.

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