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Hi there! I’m Anna Zarkadoula, a passionate graphic designer whose love for art and technology turned into a journey of pixels!

Ever since I could hold a paintbrush and navigate a computer, becoming a graphic designer was the natural fusion of my two loves. What better way to express my creativity than by transforming blank canvases into vibrant, digital masterpieces?

For me, if a design doesn’t meet the “wow” factor, it doesn’t make it to the customer. Quality is non-negotiable, and every project is a testament to this principle.

I create cool logos, sleek web designs, and catchy prints. Beyond the digital canvas, I elevate visual storytelling by capturing breathtaking aerial footage with my drone, and with my video editing skills, i turni properties and businesses into cinematic showcases.

If you want my help with graphic design, please read the files below 1st.


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