Case 1

Craft By Debi

Logo Design

Label Design

Social Media Posts

Product Video Showcase


Craft by Debi, a prominent art supply seller based in Greece, specializes in offering high-quality chalk paints. Known for her popular YouTube tutorials, Craft by Debi has become a household name in the art community.


Seeking a fresh identity, Craft by Debi approached me with a desire to revamp her outdated logo and product labels. Additionally, she wanted eye-catching social media posts that resonated with her audience.


I desinged a new logo that mirrors Craft by Debi's personality—simple, delicate, and filled with love. The addition of a small heart above the letter 'i' reflects her warm and affectionate nature. For the color labels, I incorporated city-inspired hues, aligning each shade with its respective name.


The logo and color label designs seamlessly translated Craft by Debi's vision into a visual identity. The social media posts were meticulously curated to showcase the vibrancy of her chalk paints and engage her audience with compelling content.


Craft by Debi's rebranded identity has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from her customers. The modern aesthetic has breathed new life into her brand, creating a visually cohesive experience across her website, products, and social media platforms.

Client Relationship.

Debi and I share a close bond. Her satisfaction is my priority, and our ongoing collaboration is marked by trust, creativity, and shared enthusiasm for her brand's success.