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Welcome to the Zark Photography Logo Showcase Study. This journey delves into the creation of a sleek and modern logo for my client, Georgia, and her photography studio, Zark Photography. Discover the meticulous process behind crafting a visual identity that not only meets but exceeds expectations.


Georgia's vision was clear – a modern stamp for branding her captivating photographs. The design journey unfolded through numerous sketches and experiments, each iteration refining the interplay of the capital letters until the perfect composition emerged. The challenge lay in achieving a modern and sleek aesthetic while preserving the distinct identity of each letter. Through iterative exploration, we found the delicate balance, turning challenges into opportunities for a unique and impactful design.


Georgia envisioned a logo that encapsulates the essence of her photography business. The result? Our canvas is painted in a sophisticated black hue, housing a composition of capital letters "ZARK" seamlessly blended to form a stylized capital "Z." This artistic arrangement is complemented by the word "Photography," standing proudly alongside the symbolic Z.


For Georgia's business cards, we opted for a unique round shape, mirroring the lens of a camera. The lens serves as a captivating frame for her contact information, cleverly encircling the borders. To enhance accessibility, a QR code directs individuals to Georgia's website. This innovative design not only stands out but also reinforces her commitment to modernity.


Georgia's website is a digital gallery that echoes her distinct style. Set in a captivating dark mode, the background video—crafted from Georgia's own photographs—creates a dynamic visual experience. Each menu unfolds a dedicated showcase, offering a personalized journey through her diverse portfolio. The modern aesthetic resonates with Georgia's vision, leaving a memorable mark on visitors.


Georgia's aspiration was clear—to leave an indelible mark on her audience. The challenge was to translate her unique style into cohesive brand elements. By blending her initials seamlessly in the logo, creating distinctive business cards, and crafting a modern website that serves as a digital masterpiece, we succeeded in not only meeting but exceeding Georgia's expectations. Georgia Zarkadoula's media now not only reflects her artistry but also leaves a lasting impression on her clients. The harmonious integration of design elements across her logo, business cards, and website showcases a brand that is not just seen but remembered.

Client Relationship.

My commitment to Georgia's digital success goes beyond the initial design phase. By providing ongoing website support, I ensure that her online presence continues to captivate and resonate with her audience.